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Just Call Me Athena July 21, 2009

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Baby DonnellyI had some pre-screening tests not to long ago at 12 weeks. I didn’t really realize what all they’d be doing for this, just that these tests would help tell our risk factor for having a child with down syndrome. As such, I didn’t have bob909 come with me to the midwife. What it actually involved was lots of ultrasound views and seeing our little womb-beastie moving around chilling and having a pretty good time. Then they broke out the heart beat monitor.

You know, I thought Battlestar Galactica was just a good science fiction show, but oh no! It’s seeming a bit real-life for me right now, cause our baby’s heartbeat… It sounds just like a cylon from the original series! Serious. If ultrasounds could be in full color I wouldn’t be surprised to see a glowing red light swishing back and forth across our future child’s face. I guess referring to this little one as a robot isn’t that far off the mark.

The good news is, our little cylon is looking good. I’m looking forward to our week 20 visit most as that’s when we find out if it’s a Boomer or Galen. I do feel bad that I got to hear this awesomeness without Bob909 but I promised him he gets to go to the next appointment. Then we can argue whether it’s more like a Cylon or KITT


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