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We Are Humans from Earth August 4, 2009

Filed under: Celestial Body — anditron @ 3:29 am

walle3 I’m officially starting to show. It’s exciting but somewhat frustrating as well. You see, I’m an avid cyclist. AVID. We don’t own a car, but we do own more bikes than you could fit into a Hummer. Really, Bob909 and I have 2 fully functioning bikes each and we each have a frame which we keep intending to build up as well.

So far, biking hasn’t been much of a problem. I had to lower the seat and raise the handle bars on my road bike, Ghost (a 2005 Jamis Satellite) and I can’t actually ride my 1974 Schwinn Suburban, Abby because sadly she weighs so much I can’t get her in and out of our apartment and there’s no way I’m leaving a bike out on a Chicago sidewalk all night long. So, with the few little tweaks I’ve been riding pretty smoothly up until now.

Now, not only am I showing, but I’m starting to feel pregnant. There’s this sense of a full belly all the time. I am used to this feeling, it’s how I’d feel every time we’d get burritos from our favorite joint Mr. Salsa. But with the burritos I would feel back to normal the next morning, not now. Now I’ve got this over-stuffed feeling all the time and there’s nothing I wish more than to have one of those awesome little floating chairs all the humans had on Wall-E. Sure their muscles atrophied in 0 gravity space, but those chairs scoot around better than anything ever imagined on the Jetsons. I can promise all you if some company were clever enough to figure out a space-age, compact, comfortable mommy transport, all us Pregonauts would be on them faster than you could read our pregnancy tests!

In the meantime, Bob909 is fitting up my Schwinn World Sport frame for me which should be ready to go in the next week or so and I’ll be up and riding comfortably probably until the end of October, possibly later depending on how the weather holds out. It might not be a space-age futuristic transport, but it’ll make me happy none-the-less.


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