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Fight Like Susan August 6, 2009

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Today’s post is a bit different from the normal vein of the Pregonaut. In addition to being utter geeks, Bob909 and I are avid cyclists. It’s part of what brought us together. In that passion, Bob909 follows religiously. It’s a blog by a gentleman named Fatty (who’s real name is Eldon) where he talks about biking and his various adventures on the trails of Utah. Fatty has four children with his wife Susan. Sadly, Susan passed away tonight after years battling cancer. I’m sure you can imagine why this story hits home so much for me and why I feel the need to dedicate a post to Eldon, his wife and his family.

Having lost my mom to cancer not even two years ago, I find Fatty to be a true inspiration to all of us who have loved ones suffering from cancer. His blog began as a simple biking blog where he mocked himself humorously about needing to lose weight. It still is that somewhat but, as all things evolve based on life and the world around the blogger, FatCyclist became more than a tale of biking. It became a record of his wife Susan’s fight against cancer and how he has helped care for her and their kids through the fight.

Fatty has worked hard to raise funds for the LiveStrong Foundation. With donations from cycling companies Fatty organizes rides and giveaways to those who donate through At the moment, Fatty’s site is on of the greatest contributors to the LiveStrong Foundation and Lance himself has tweeted out the support words “Win Susan” that banner Fatty’s site.

Now that Susan has passed away, Fatty has a long hard road ahead of him. The children are young, far too young to have a mom battle cancer and far far too young to lose their mother to it. I know the economy is hard, but if you have a little extra to spare, please consider going over to and making a donation. Do it in honor of Susan or in honor of someone you love who is battling or has fought the good fight against cancer.

Fight Like Susan.


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