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The Turtle Moves August 10, 2009

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Paul Kidby DiscworldIt’s boiling here in our little haven and I haven’t been able to get out of the house at all. Ok, honestly, I could have left, but let’s put it this way. It’s 12 Midnight and 81F and I just had to crank up the AC to high because I’m sticking to my couch. Going outside when barely any of my clothes are comfortable was *not* on the top of my things-to-do list. So when I’m stuck inside all day and pregnant, apparently I shop. I’ve been scouring websites, reading reviews and generally looking around here and there for the past few months, but nothing terribly serious. Today I guess was the true kick off to my nesting instinct.

We are ridiculous fans of Terry Pratchett and while Bob909 introduced me to most things which I grew to love, I introduced him to The Discworld and all the great characters therein. I’m currently rereading the series (I just can’t get enough) and we had a discussion early on that we’d love to do a Discworld-themed room for our baby. I have visions of a giant turtle swimming through the sky and a super hairy orangutan sitting by baby’s crib reading a book… like maybe Where’s My Cow. The only reason the look might change depending on boy or girl is really that it might just get a slight nod to one or the other in colors… but no pink either way!

thumbnailBecause we won’t find out for a couple more weeks whether our bot will be a boy or a girl, I promised myself I wouldn’t go buying anything or adding anything to my registry until we knew, but surfing around I came across this little guy and could not resist.

I also ended up finally deciding on a crib. I’m trying to be a thrifty mom-to-be (you have to be when unemployed) and I can’t justify putting anything on my registry I’m not willing to figure out a way to buy myself. So I think I found a nice compromise between cost, aesthetic and such. I opted for the DaVinci Rivington 4 in 1. We went back and forth whether we needed a 4 in 1, if we even need a crib, if we want a more simple standard one. But when I looked at prices and what you get for the money and longevity… well, even if we end up in a place that can’t have a full size bed for our bot, we could sell it at that point and I’ll feel I got our money’s worth.

I did add a few other things, but one gratuitous consumer post at a time. It is probably bad that in the registry you can mark “Nice to Have” vs. “Must Have” and the Sea Turtle is the only item I marked as Must Have So one big thing down and it feels like a billion to go.

Oh well… I can feel the idea of my Discworld Baby room starting to take shape. This gives me glee.


One Response to “The Turtle Moves”

  1. Marielle Says:

    Best. Theme. Ever.

    -A Huge Pratchett Fan

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