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It’s a… Squirrel? September 17, 2009

Filed under: Celestial Body — anditron @ 9:39 am

Squirrel Girl Yes, I’m a bit behind on this post, but we’re well on our way to having this wee one at this point. Almost a month ago exactly we had our 20 week check up which includes a surprisingly long ultrasound while they examine the little bot to make sure all is well and, if you want to find out, what exactly you’re going to have. Turns out, we’re having a girl and we couldn’t be more excited!

Bob909 is breathing deep sighs of relief believing (erroneously) that a little girl couldn’t possibly get into as much trouble as he did as a child. He’s hoping she takes more after me in that sense. He’s also planning to ground her starting when she’s able to crawl until he dies, or she’s at least turned 35. An arbitrary number but hopefully she’ll be well prepared with future super space technology so she doesn’t have to worry about smarmy boys trying to hit on her.

We have chosen the name, and those close to us know it, but we’ll be holding that information from the internet at large until she makes her debut. I can say, I’m in love with the name and knew it was the one the minute Bob909 suggested it… that was well before we knew what we were having and the only name that ever seemed would be right.

Now, later today, I’m off to my 24 week visit. I think it’s just a short hello while they check the heartbeat and ask if I have any questions which oddly I don’t really have much of, unless they have a magic cure-all for the annoying ache I’ve had in one area of back muscle for the last two weeks. Maybe what I really need is a massage… ahh yes, a massage would be very nice.


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