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Wrapped Up In Cute November 22, 2009

Filed under: Space Detritus — anditron @ 2:57 am

baby's blanketThis week has been a big week in getting things done around the house in preparation for our little bot. In addition to all the wonderful things we received at the baby shower (post on that forthcoming) we received a couple few things this week that we really needed from other friends and such. The baby’s room is coming along nicely and I’ll be able to fully show it off in a couple of weeks, possibly even next weekend depending on how things go.

But I had to post about what I received today from See, I originally was going to do a Discworld themed baby room but the reality is, that would be something we think she’d enjoy more when she was a bit older. Instead I decided to go with a ninja kitty theme, since our house is full of kitties (we have three) and our youngest, though not stealthy, tries hard to be and as a result is ridiculously cute. So I designed these cute little ninja kitties and decided to make a set of sheets out of them. I bought a sample print from the company to determine what color blue I really wanted then made my order. It arrived today and can I just say it looks incredible! I also got the blanket you see here. I can’t believe how great they turned out. The sheets are in progress, and I’ll show them as well as the mobile I’m making once I’m finished, but in the meantime, hope this little blanket makes you giggle with the glees. Oh and btw, that’s Gizmo the inspiration for the designs poking his head out from underneath.


2 Responses to “Wrapped Up In Cute”

  1. kate Says:

    I’ve had a blast reading your blog after I found you on offbeat mama. I used the offbeat bride website this spring and summer when planning my own wedding, and now we’re starting to plan our family (not pregnant yet, but we’re going to start trying in the new year). Especially awesome was reading a fellow Chicagoan’s take on strollers – I have a feeling I’ll be checking the BoBs out sometime in the next year!

    Anyhow – I do hope to see more from you over the coming months. Always awesome to read about another offbeat, crafty, invaded-by-cats gal in my area – especially one who had the same mindset of “never thought I’d be having a kid”.

    PS – Ninja kitties are awesome. One of my cats, Ragnar (a la the Norse King known as Ragnar Shaggy Pants), is the little gray ninja of the house. He swears we totally can’t see him.

    • anditron Says:

      I’m hoping to continue after I have her so hopefully you’ll be reading plenty more. And any questions feel free to contact me, I’m no where near a pro, but will help where I can.

      And Ragnar sounds like he’d get along quite well with Gizmo.

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