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I’m still riding… November 24, 2009

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cycling pregonaut I’m at 33 weeks and feeling huge, but I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m still riding my bike. Maybe not as much as I’d like, my current job situation has limited me to weekend rides; Maybe not as fast as I’d like, I’m a turtle-ish 10 mph compared to my usual 20-25; But the weather has been holding nice and as long as it does, I’m going to get on my bike.

A lot of people have questioned me about this, and fair enough, I mean, I’m doing everything for 2 right now, but it goes to the core of who I am. I am a cyclist, not pro and not amazing, but it’s in my soul and something I can’t live without.

I’ve tried explaining to people in the past part of the reason why I ride – I feel it’s a lazy man’s exercise and I’m lazy! I’d rather sit on my butt and move my legs than walk, and I’d definitely rather do that then sit around waiting on a bus. So I bike. Possibly a little known fact but biking is one of the best exercises out there for you when pregnant. There’s no impact on your joints, the movements are fluid, it’s good exercise with little effort… All the reasons I bike anyway.

Back in September, sometime around 25 weeks I think it was, I rode 30 miles round trip to go to the Harry Potter Exhibit. It was probably too far a ride for me, but Bob909 and my friend Elaine were willing to go along at my pace and we had energy bars and lots of water to keep me going. When I told some people about this little adventure, I got a few tut-tuts, and frankly I don’t see why.

It’s frustrating hearing or reading how a pregonaut shouldn’t do things they used to do by people who aren’t and have not been pregnant. Even with my Halloween costume, some blog posted about it and criticized me for doing CosPlay when pregnant. (The irony being it was a blog geared toward techy girls and it was a Halloween costume… Hello! How does that figure?) The thing is, yes, being pregnant does change what you can do to a degree. You have to be cautious. You have to take it slower than you did. You do have to reduce the amount you do. You have to pay attention to your limits. But you can still do it. (I’ll be the first to admit that Bob909 is essential in helping me realize what those are sometimes.) But if your pregnancy is healthy there is no reason why you can’t continue doing things you did before being pregnant, you just have to adjust how you do it.

I suppose it’s like every part of being pregnant. You have to take anything anyone says to you with a grain of salt. Your pregnancy is yours and you have to do what’s right for you and your baby. Part of that is not losing yourself during this transition period. And I firmly believe that by doing that you’ll have a much happier post-partum. Of course, we’ll find out if I’m right about that in about 7 more weeks. Until then, as long as the weather permits, I’ll be riding.


5 Responses to “I’m still riding…”

  1. Aggrotech Says:

    Spot ON, girl! One of the things that really annoys me are the people who say you shouldn’t do XYZPDQ while pregnant. I knew a mom who still took her regularly scheduled bellydance classes up until the point where she just couldn’t physically do it. And lemme tell ya, a pregnant woman bellydancing is the hawtness. You “cosplayed” during pregnancy? GOOD! You’re riding your bike at 33 weeks? EXCELLENT!

    You’re pregnant, not an invalid. These women who go on like delicate little flowers who cannot do anything because they’re pregnant annoy me. I stopped watching “Trading Spaces” years ago because of that. This one pregnant designer (I think it was Laurie Hickson-Smith) acted like she was gonna die if she lifted her hand above her head and made it a point to remind everyone every five minutes that she was PREGNANT!!1!!1!elebentyone!! Unless you are dealing with a high-risk pregnancy, a woman is still able to do about 75%-90% of all the same stuff she used to do before pregnancy depending on how far along you are. Pioneer women did it. We modern women can do it, too. True, you have to go slow like you said, but it CAN be done. Look at Heidi Klum. That woman is MONSTER when it comes to pregnancy. She’s EVERYWHERE even when she’s about to explode. If Heidi can walk down the red carpet pregnant than everyday women can walk from the parking lot to the Wal-Mart without stork parking (that’s another rant I won’t get into).

    • anditron Says:

      It’s definitely hard to acknowledge that you can’t exert yourself the same way you used to. It’s also frustrating to see people use their pregnancy as an excuse not to do things. But as frustrating as it is, who knows what their pregnancy situation is, and maybe they really can’t do those things due to what’s happening in their pregnancy.

      I think the one thing being pregnant has taught me is to judge less. Do I agree with every decision a mom-to-be or even future mom makes, heck no, but it’s not my business to. I know there are people who abuse being pregnant, using it for an excuse to not have to do anything. That’s between them and the people they live and work with. I do know that while I do still ride, I’m also easily exhausted, especially with my current work schedule, so if Bob909 wasn’t as amazing as he is, doing all the things that honestly I just don’t have the energy to even think about, our home would be in a sad state. All I can do is the best I can for the time being, that and bie Bob909 lots of pie as a constant Thank You.

  2. Elka Says:

    Right on! I just had a convo yesterday with my doctors about whether I was doing “too much” pilates and yoga, which I think is just silliness.

    I am at 25 weeks, so not as big as you yet, but getting there, and I am still digging my bike rides, too. The only real concern for me, since I’m in a city, is the traffic, not anything to do with my riding. My dr was like, “well, your balance is changing,” and I told him that given my yoga practice, I had no choice but to get intimate with my changing balance on a daily basis (I can still stand on one leg and hold my toe on the other leg straight out with the big ol’ belly right there, so I think I can ride a bike!).

    Kudos on still going for it and doing it! You’re going to have a much easier time with labor and life with baby because of it, I bet.

    • anditron Says:

      I live in Chicago so I know exactly what you mean about traffic. My Dr. also warned me about traffic and balance. I do my best to ride along paths instead of streets when possible (I’ve rode to every midwife appt. so far this way) and when I do have to ride streets I tend to be extra cautious and zen. I give the right of way always, I also wait behind a car or bus instead of riding up along side them (like I would do before pregnant). I try to take roads that either have a true bike lane or take a side street that is less busy. I also go my own pace. If someone wants to pass me, by all means, pass. That’s one of the biggest changes, usually I was passing everyone. 😛

      Good for you on the yoga and pilates. I wanted to do yoga but scheduling didn’t really allow it. One good piece of advice my Dr. gave was that while I didn’t need to give up any of my regular physical activities, I shouldn’t really pick up any new things my body wasn’t used to… which would have been the case with yoga.

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