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Snug as a Bug in a Rug December 10, 2009

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Baby's Sheets!Well, the sheets are done and I am simply ecstatic with how they turned out. I’ll be honest. Not my *best* sewing project ever, but I made it work and did elastic stuff for the first time ever, so hooray for trying new things. It was a fun project, a good challenge (even if it is simply sheets). I learned from it and feel confident that I could make some more for the room easily rather than buying them. Which means I’m going to and we’ll be set until she’s out of her toddler bed.

I put smaller kitties on the extra fabric which I planned on making into a mobile but they are simply too small to turn inside out after sewing. The only way to do it would be hand sew it all and that’s just not going to happen. So I’ve come up with some Plan B projects that I will use the smaller kitties in. First I’m going to make a new cover for the baby swing as well as a replacement cover for the infant seat we got. They were both used before. And the infant seat I know went through 3 or 4 babies already. It could use a freshening up, that’s for sure. So I bought the fabric today and plan on making replacements for both on which I’ll applique the little kitties and voila, they’ll go beautifully with the room. I also picked up a fabric I really like that I was thinking of trying to make a dress out of for her, but maybe instead I’ll use it to cover up the Lekmar storage bins that will keep her toys and such. I think it’s a really sweet fabric that would look beautiful in the room and compliment the blue nicely.

You’re not seeing the whole room yet because it’s not done! eep. I’m waiting on quotes back from a company for the wall decals. Blik quoted me 200 which is way more than I will pay. I can paint them no problem, I just figured them being removable would be easier for when we move out. But their removable isn’t even reuseable. So say we moved and our little girl liked them and wanted them again, we’d have to re-buy them all. I’m not cool with that when I’ve got a can of paint and can easily make the stencils for them. So once I hear back from these local guys I’ll either be picking them up in a week and applying them or I’ll be painting on Sunday… A Lot. I have a feeling I’m going to be painting a lot.

I also realized that ages ago I bought patterns for diaper carriers. I mean like 2 years ago at some closeout sale thing. Huh, paid maybe a buck for the pattern and it has this cool Bandoleer style diaper bag option. Bob909 saw it and immediately went “Want!” So now I have to find a good fabric for it and hopefully can make something cool for daddy to use when he’s out with his little bot. Wondering as well how I can make it a fun techy gadget for him too. Like maybe an LED counter so he can keep track of how many nappies he’s changed.

I love how crafty I’m getting thanks to having a little girl. I’m not sure I’d be as much with a boy. Oh who’m I fooling, of COURSE I would.

Less than 5 weeks to go though, I better get cracking if I’m going to get these projects all done before she gets here!


6 Responses to “Snug as a Bug in a Rug”

  1. loandbehold Says:

    Great sheets! Crafting is so therapeutic and I’m sure helps with the nesting. Congrats to you guys!

    • anditron Says:

      Thanks, and yes, it definitely serves the nesting instinct well. And it keeps my mind occupied rather than thinking about how a year ago, I would have been out clubbing it up on a Friday night, not sewing.

  2. albert Says:

    did you check they do custom work

  3. kaleigh Says:

    I crafted so very much when pregnant with Roland…even called in sick to work to make crib bumpers (which were never used because he never slept in the crib!) also does custom work. Can’t say they’re cheap though 😦

    Can’t wait to see my first blood relative niece! Holler if you need anything (and you’ve got a gift coming shortly…as soon as I get to the post office, anyway).


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