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When Good Birth Plans Go Bad – My Delivery Experience Part 2 February 10, 2010

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P1150008 Before I begin, I’ll warn you, this post is more for me than you, I want to be sure to remember everything about my daughter’s birth so there will be some not-to-pleasant parts to this. If you’re squeamish, this might get to you and it’s entirely possible some of this isn’t work safe.

It’s not like there was a lot of sleep had that night for either of us. I didn’t sleep at all with my steady 8 minute contractions. Bob909 woke up around 6am and we decided to pick up a Zipcar to go down to the appointment. With an early reservation we walked around the neighborhood on our way to pick up the car hoping that my contractions would finally get going. Once in the car we grabbed a breakfast sandwich picked up our hospital stuff and headed down to the Midwife’s office.

We knew I was 2cm dilated at least, the midwife checked at my prior week’s appointment. Because of this, we had already decided a few days before that since we were almost a week overdue we were going to have the midwife take measures to get my labor going. Things like sweeping the membranes, and anything else they could do to start things up. Of course we wouldn’t have to do that now, now we were having a baby, probably today.

We arrived plenty early and tried to distract ourselves with games on our smart phones while waiting. It hadn’t sunk in yet; that we were just hours away from finally meeting her. It felt like a theme park ride. the lead up to the big drop. Not the ramp up part, no, just that initial bit when you start to go round the corner of the fun house or horror ride (I’m not sure which). You’re coasting and you know something big is going to happen but there’s no sign of excitement yet.

The midwife finally called us back and I relayed the last day’s events. She ran the same 3 tests and it took barely 5 minutes (unlike the hour at the hospital) for her to come back and tell us my water had broke, and likely happened Thursday morning. She couldn’t check my cervix because of the risk of infection so, I was to head straight to Labor and Delivery at the hospital, do not go to triage. And from there she started to destroy my birth plan. I would be getting pitocin as soon as I arrived because my contractions had stalled at 8 minutes and I was over 24 hours since my water broke.

I was really disappointed. I didn’t want to have pitocin at all, I had heard too many things about it’s affects and what often resulted down the road… epidural. I wanted a natural birth but I was pretty open minded about it all. I wasn’t locked-in to no medication, but wanted to try my hardest to have a natural birth. But with the pitocin announcement, I wondered just how much of my plan would stay in tact through the whole ordeal.

P1150004The doorman for the hospital was incredibly cheery. Greeting us with a “Happy Birth Day” and guiding us to registration. We checked in, I told them I wanted a tub room, and went up to the L&D floor. Apparently, Friday the 15th was the day every possible baby decided to appear. I waited for my nurse to come get me and there were already 3 other women there ready to give birth as well. Bob909 had left to return the car when my nurse finally came. She kindly wheeled my suitcase down the hall for me and explained that unfortunately they were extra busy and all the tub rooms were occupied so my birth plan for a tub labor couldn’t be accommodated but I did have a great view of Lake Michigan, if only it wasn’t so foggy. I figured that was fine, there was a shower to use and as long as I had that, I was sure I’d be fine.

Fortunately the staff was nice and waited until Bob909 got back before starting anything. That was a big relief. But there was much more coming that I couldn’t have even anticipated. And I was not ready for most of it… at all.


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