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Me and A Big Blue Ball February 11, 2010

Filed under: Provisions — anditron @ 6:44 pm

Back a couple years ago I injured myself and had to go through physical therapy. Basically I was carrying too much weight on my back while riding and it caused a disc to slip. When that happened I ended up buying one of those exercise balls but in truth I barely used it. Now, it’s the one thing that I could never live without.

See, we got a glider which we use for feedings and such, and it’s great for just relaxing with our daughter, but when our girl gets worked up into a crying fit she doesn’t want to glide she wants to bounce. The best way to calm her down is this ball. Whatever the problem, starting out on the big blue ball calms her down while giving us the time we need to get our minds together and fix the problem.

If there’s one thing I wish all those sites that tell you what you need in your nursery would include in their lists, it’s this ball. I don’t know how any new parent functions without it, but I’m never giving it up!


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