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When Good Birth Plans Go Bad – My Delivery Experience Part 4 February 11, 2010

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P1150026Before I begin, I’ll warn you, this post is more for me than you, I want to be sure to remember everything about my daughter’s birth so there will be some not-to-pleasant parts to this. If you’re squeamish, this might get to you and it’s entirely possible some of this isn’t work safe.

Considering how my labor was going so far, I’m still pretty amazed just how quickly the anesthesiologist got to me after I told Bob909 and the Dictator nurse that I wanted an epidural. It was almost immediately, I think I only had one contraction while waiting for her to arrive.

When she got there, Bob909 obviously had to leave. They set things up and I asked the Dictator to turn down the pitocin as I knew I would never be able to sit through a contraction with it pumping through me so much. Whether it actually helped or was merely a placebo, I couldn’t care less, after squirming, jumping and crying my way through one last contraction I told the Dr. to do it now. I sat dead still, eyes closed, as mentally focused as I could possibly be and I breathed while she talked me through everything she was doing. I couldn’t feel any of it I was so well tuned at that moment. And it was done. The nurse helped me lift up into the bed and I let the epidural take away every last bit of pain. The Dr. told me that if I needed I could get a boost later, this is in addition to the button I had for constant re-dosing. I don’t know how I managed to remember this but I did.

Bob909 returned to me with a cuddly little pacifier sucking monkey in pink to cheer me up. I was in heaven. That epidural was quite possibly the best decision I ever made. I was exhausted. The last 2 hours had taken a lot out of me and with so little sleep and food, I desperately needed some rest and was finally able to get some.

I can’t tell you what happened the next few hours. I slept, waking only to push the button to give me more relief when I’d start to feel discomfort. Hopefully Bob909 will be posting his view of things in a future post.

Then at some point I was starting to feel the contractions on my right side. I told the nurse I wanted the anesthesiologist to come back and give me a top up (for lack of remembering what it’s called). The Dictator went and called for anesthesia and then came back. She suggested I move to my other side as I had been laying on my left side the whole time and maybe that’s why it wasn’t getting to the right side pain. I shifted and amazingly it seemed to do the trick so when anesthesia came I actually opted not to have any more.

At a slightly later point the Midwife came in wanting to check my progress. I vaguely remember her checking. And I still didn’t grasp the moment even when I heard her say, “oh, you’re 8.5-9cm… we’re going to do this very soon.”

They fiddled about the room, starting to prepare things while I continued to doze. It was another 10 or 20 minutes when she said finally, “Alright, are you ready? You’re going to have a baby.”

I remember looking at Bob909 and the world became very clear. I remember thinking, Oh shit. This is it. This really is it. This was the climb up the rollercoaster track to the very top. This was the moment I’d heard so much about and yet knew nothing about what to expect.

“OK, this could take 30 minutes or 3 hours,” the Midwife told us. “It always varies.”
“What’s your fastest,” Bob909 asked.
“Maybe 10 minutes” she said.
“We’ll beat it,” he said.

The Midwife laughed at his joke while she directed my husband who took one leg and the Dictator took the other. A med student was helping the Midwife and I was told that on my next contraction I was to push. The Midwife wasn’t really paying attention at this moment, she was still trying to get all the supplies prepared.

The first contraction came. And I pushed my very first long slow 10 count push.
“Good and again,” she said as she started counting me down.
“Now once more,” she said. Then she turned around and looked and screamed out “STOP!”
“What’s wrong,” I asked.
“She’s really coming.” With that the Midwife quickly finished getting her clean gown on and taking off the bottom half of the bed and getting the last things ready for my daughter’s delivery.

The second contraction came and they had me do three 10 count pushes through it.

She’s almost here, we can see her head.”
“Really?” I asked unbelieving.
“Yes!” the Midwife and Bob909 told me in stereo.
“I can see her head!” He told me.
“Really?” I asked again somewhat amazed.
“Yes, right here, you can feel if you want.”

And I did yet another thing I never thought I would, I reached down and felt my baby’s head. It was soft and seemed silky almost. I just kept touching in amazement.

The next contraction came and I had three more pushes. And finally the midwife said, “You can push one last time now or wait for the next contraction.”

P1150002I decided to wait just wanting to be sure to let my body work together as much as possible. When I did have the next contraction and the final push, my daughter slid out painlessly and was placed on my belly like a gooey squirmy water balloon. She was beautiful. She was gorgeous and crying and pink and perfect. I told her I loved her over and over. And then the Dictator took her to the warmer to clean her up and get her vitals.

Bob909 immediately went over to her to watch over her. It was the most perfect sight I’ve ever seen. They told me her weight and length and I kept asking what time was she born until finally someone answered me 8:42 pm.

I don’t remember delivering the Placenta but that’s the one part of the plan that did go through, we kept it for encapsulation to help with any postpartum depression that might creep up. I also can tell you, I didn’t feel a thing during the entire delivery process. Which is why it came as such a shock to discover that my dear daughter didn’t just tear me a new one, she tore me 2 new ones.

A lot of stitching and some recovery later (enough to get into the wheel chair) the Dictator transferred my daughter, husband and I up to our recovery room where we got to spend the next day and a half learning how to do so many things we didn’t know.


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