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6 Weeks, 1 Day, 3 Hours, 28 Mins February 28, 2010

Filed under: Little Bot — anditron @ 6:34 am

image Lately, I’ve been watching for a milestone. I was mainly hoping to see our little bot smile big for me. She’s been giving us small little ones that were not gas related but the big ones always involved a bodily function of some sort. Her little ones usually happen when we play riding-a-bike after changing a diaper. While I chant the little bike chant for her she opens her mouth and has just a touch of an upturn to her lips. The first time she did that I was so thrilled to think maybe she will follow in our pedal-loving footwork.

I wasn’t expecting the milestone we had today at all. I was trying to get thank you’s and announcements out (better late than never right) and suggested to Bob909 they do some tummy-time together. He got out the mat and set her down and immediately she held herself up and looked around. Full control on her part, no wobbling at all. I grabbed the video camera (I’m going to be one of those moms) and Bob909 grabbed the little baby mirror. He held it in front of her and she looked right at herself. As he moved it around she followed it with enthusiasm and amazingly, this went on for a few minutes. Slowly her arms weakened and she had to lower herself back down.

It was so amazing to see, and I’m lucky we were both around to see it. To think just over 6 weeks ago she wasn’t out in this snowy world and here she is holding up her head and even wiggling like she wants to do the army crawl. I’m in awe of her everyday anyway, but this is the first sort of the Bot is developing moment that we’ve had.

I can’t wait to see what this super baby will do next!


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