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Mom… Hey, That’s Me! March 2, 2010

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Made In ChinaYeah, I’m starting to get used to that word in an entirely new light now. It’s growing on me and for all my concerns just a few weeks ago, I’m starting to feel pretty comfortable in these new moon boots. So comfortable I can even tell you a few of the secrets I’ve learned.

The Cries. I don’t want to jinx myself here but I can usually tell the differnce between her Hungry, Pooping, Peeing, and Gas cries at this point. I’m not always right, and the Overtired Wail sometimes trips me up, but for the most part, I feel like I know what I’m doing and can tackle the right problem before the waily waily wailies (for you Terry Pratchet Fans) start.

Winnie the Pooh. I wanted to make a mobile for the Bot’s crib but in the meantime I decided to buy one, figuring I’d just alter it to what I want later. Unfortunately everything I looked at was insanely expensive so I kept passing them up. Then my Mother-In_Law came across a musical Classic Winnie the Pooh mobile on sale for a mere $15. That’s hard to pass up when you think that most of them run $50 and up. So I told her to pick it up, it’d work for now at least and Bob909 and I both have personal attachments to Pooh. Talk about the magical discovery of a lifetime. This little mobile has paid for itself times a billion. Through it, we discovered that the Winnie the Pooh song is quickly becoming her favorite song. That along with the big blue ball are almost guaranteed to calm her down no matter what the crisis. And now, if I put her in her crib, turn it on, she stays entertained and happy while I take 5 minutes to make and sometimes even eat my breakfast!

Huggies Vs Pampers. We wanted to go with cloth diapers but frankly, not having a washer and drier in our apartment, I wasn’t going to put our neighbors through that. We haven’t tried a lot of diapers really. But we did try Pampers and Huggies Little Snugglers. Let me tell you, the Little Snugglers are the way to go. The Pampers seem to have too thin a material as every time she pee’d it would soak through to her clothes. The tabs on them are stiff and sharp, don’t try to do skin on skin time with a baby in these or it is a BIG oucharoo for you. They also lack a nifty pocket on the back to catch those big blasts that our daughter seems to do far too often. In contrast the Huggies are soft; have never soaked through, even when going through a 5-6 hour night without a change; and they do have that nifty pocket. I can’t tell you if the Organics or Generics are any better or if any of the other Pampers are decent, but I believe we had the Swaddlers which are supposed to be the top of the line and they did nothing but disappoint. The remainder are now back-ups should we need them. Now if only the Huggies could keep our daughter from hitting us with what we call the double barrel

The Double Barrel. So named after the shotgun and the fact that you need to pump between shots. Our girl’s dirty little secret is that when she goes she does it multiple times. First there’s the cry followed by the grunts and grimaces. Some more crying and then we know the first shot has been fired. But don’t change that diaper yet! No because less than 5 minutes later shot two will come (following some more cries and grimaces of course). Often times this will happen at the halfway point in her feeding. So I’ll be in the middle of nursing, she’ll nearly rip off a nipple in order to fuss and I’ll hear the explosion. I usually just wait till she’s finished her meal before changing her though. Not to be mean but she usually has a post input output too. (She’s going to hate me when she’s grown and knows I’ve told the world her baby poo routine. I believe that’s 2 bars in my Mom Stripes)

Aquaphor. This one simple product might be the greatest thing she or I’ve used. Forget the Buttpaste and the Lansinoh. Those things are too thick and hard to spread. When she was born, a Doctor told me to use Aquaphor to prevent diaper rash. And sure enough, aside from a hint of a rash starting at about 2 weeks old when we weren’t using it regularly, we haven’t had the slightest inkling of a rash. The Bot’s butt is happy and so are we. It’s great for breastfeeding too! Truth is breastfeeding does hurt. I had bought Lansinoh to help my nipples. When I used it I thought God, this is as bad as the chaffing from feeding. It hurt like hell to put that crap on and I honestly wondered why anyone stuck with breastfeeding if this was how bad it hurt. I told my Doctor that and he told me Oh No, use Aquaphor on there too. Safe for nursing babies and oh so soft and easy to slather on and not only has it helped my sore breasts, it’s helped my face too. It doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink, with it being winter in Chicago, living in a radiator heated apartment and breastfeeding, my skin has been insanely dry and starting to hurt too. I had a job interview and a couple of days before my face was such a wreck it looked like someone had taken a chisel to it and left in the middle of the job. With nothing working I decided to give the Aquaphor a try. Sure enough, using it once every two or three days has ended the dry scaly flakey problems and my skin feels almost as soft as Rory’s now.

Calming the Hysterics. When the Bot gets overly worked up and we are trying to calm her down, one of the tricks I’ve learned is to get her to take a deep breath. After her big cries have stopped but when she’s still doing a hyperventilating breathing pattern I hold her very close and put my mouth by her ear. Then I tell her to take a deep breath and I do it myself. A deep fast inhale and a slow exhale will often get her to pause and do the same. Usually within a few more breaths she has calmed down and is out of the fuss. It doesn’t always work but it does often enough that I keep it in my arsenal.

Calming My Frustrations. This is tough but the thing I try to remind myself, when I’m having trouble calming her down, is that most likely whatever the problem is, it’s not life threatening. And most importantly, if I let myself get upset, she gets more upset then husband and I get even more upset; lather, rinse repeat. The best thing is to take a deep breath, remember this is her only way to tell me what’s up and it’s not life and death. When I do that, she calms down a bit and then I can focus on fixing the problem.

I’ve become more comfortable with playing with her as well. I’m getting used to telling her what I’m doing as I do it and asking her questions, telling her things and most of all making up fun little songs that will teach her her left and right and other such things. I like this being a Mom thing more and more each day.


4 Responses to “Mom… Hey, That’s Me!”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Yay! I love this. And yes to this: “if I let myself get upset, she gets more upset then husband and I get even more upset; lather, rinse repeat.” I’m learning quickly that if I get frenzied trying to soothe Tavi, he’ll only get more frenzied in his wailing. The proof is in the pudding: one time I set him down wailing in his crib, and left the room to get blanket to try swaddling him. The minute I left the room he calmed down. Oops. Way to stress out the baby, Ariel! 🙂

    • anditron Says:

      it’s so easy to get into that cycle too! And today I learned, sometimes she just doesn’t want me, she wants dad. That kind of hurts but at the same time, it’s exciting to see her start to depend on him.

  2. Laura Says:

    Please keep your updates coming. I’m early along in my own first pregnancy, but I’m learning a heck of a lot through your posts (including realizing that I’m not an incompetent nut).

    • anditron Says:

      Welcome to the blog Laura, I hope you keep checking back, I am trying to update a bit more often but, as all mom’s discover I’m sure, time slips away from you very quickly!

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