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Rabid Baby March 5, 2010

Filed under: Little Bot — anditron @ 3:03 am


I’ve noticed today that our Bot is foaming at the mouth. OK not really, really she has been drooling a lot and it’s just been the last day. I think it’s likely do to the increased fascination with her hands which seem to be finding their way up to her mouth more and more the last few days.

Yes, it seems that we have entered the droolie stage of life to quickly be followed I’m sure by the let’s-rip-mom’s-earrings-out-of-her-ears stage which my father is encouraging even though I think he’d be far more upset with the way I’d look if that happened.

Speaking of jewelry. I’m a 6g and need to find some good cool plugs to get me through the afor mentioned stage.


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