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Can You Hear Me March 12, 2010

Filed under: Little Bot — anditron @ 1:58 am

A Bot and Her Bat

It’s an exciting week for our little Bot. We’ve caught glimpses of it before but this week there was finally no question that she smiled and it wasn’t related to gas or poop. She’s started to make little noises and her hands are uncurling too.

I’d say she most often heard meows when she was in the womb, between three cats meowing and fighting have the time and Bob909 and I constantly having conversations in cat speak (meows). I probably shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that a couple of her cute gurgley noises sound like she’s a cat.

Obviously this is all thrilling.

The experiment from a couple days ago was best of all. She was lying on the couch and Bob909 and I were talking to her and playing with her and one of her Ugly Doll Bats. I’d make the bat tickle her belly then kiss her and every time her smile got bigger. Then she started fussing over her diaper and after changing her Bob909 went to bounce her and calm her down. I was sitting behind him, she craned her head around to see me and when I spoke to her she smiled and coo’d.

It’s so cool to see her change each day. They’re all such tiny advances and hard to catch when so close to them but then after a couple of days I see it and am in awe.


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