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Oh Where, Oh Where… March 23, 2010

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A Day At the ZooYou might have wondered why I’ve been so quiet lately. Well, apparently mom-hood takes a lot of time, especially when one has Projects to get done and family in town to visit. And that’s exactly what has kept me away this past week.

To start with, about 2 weeks ago we came to the realization that we need a co-sleeper. The problem… we bought this fancy low bed from Ikea a few months before the Bot was born and its design doesn’t play well with any existing co-sleeper. As such, we decided to build one but during the planning stages we decided to check out Ikea and see if there was anything that we could hack rather than build it from scratch. Turns out there was, I’ll be doing a write up in the next couple of days for which I’ll post here and submit to Ikea Hack as well. I’m pretty impressed with it if I do say so myself. A good two weeks worth of work done and done.

We’ve been going on walks daily. I’ve tried to make it a point to get out of the house for at least an hour if not more every day. Wednesday of last week was gorgeous so we went for a walk along the Lake Path to one of the playlots with swings. I reminded myself constantly what I don’t like about moms with strollers when I’m riding (walking in the center of the lane; not paying attention to those around you; stopping in the path instead of going off it; and worst of all stopping in the path and pushing the stroller out & away from you while you pick something up/check something out/tie your shoe thus blocking most of the path and putting everyone -especially baby- in danger). Frankly it was such a foreign sensation as I don’t think I’ve ever walked along that path, I’ve only biked it. It caused me to miss my bike something fierce, but luckily I’ll be back on with bot in tow in no time… I can’t wait!

In the middle of working on the co-sleeper, the Bot’s Grandma came down for a visit. This helped somewhat in getting things done, but it also caused some interruptions as well. Not bad ones necessarily, we got errands done and even enjoyed the beautiful weather with an outing to the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was fun and stressful as all family visits always seem to be for me. That probably deserves it’s own post as well… the dynamic of in-laws, your child and you is a very tricky one to be sure but we all try and at the core is the fact that we love a certain girl who grows more amazing every day.

I should mention quickly some of the incredible milestones we’ve reached at this point. Our girl is holding her head, shoulders and chest up for long periods of time. She almost has full control of her head when held upright, just the occasional bobble. She smiles and gurgles and chatters in the most incredible way. She is particularly fond of her black bat (Noiry) and her white bat (Blanche) Ugly Dolls. She smiles and her eyes light up almost every time they appear before her. She loves, loves, loves it when I dance for her. Whether she’s lying in her crib watching me or in my arms as I move to the music, she is thrilled. If she’s watching me, she kicks her legs and waves her arms along with me; if she’s in my arms she quiets down and holds me close. I wish I had video of when we spin around in circles to the music,it seemed to thrill her. Her favorite music is something with a good beat… think Run Lola Run, Combichrist and other oontzy goodness. She also loves to stand with our help. She could care less about sitting in her Bumbo thus far though I’m sure that will change. But if you ask me (and hey, by reading this you are) I’d say our girl is going to be moving early and often. I think this goes along with her preference for bouncing over gliding. Her AuntE suggested it’s due to my riding all through the pregnancy and I think I’d have to agree. There is certainly a soft up and down movement that occurs when riding a bike and the ball recreates it nicely. That and of course the stroller. I wear her on occasion, when she’ll let me but one of the things I’m learning about motherhood is find what works for you (plural) and don’t force yourself into what everyone else does. The fact is, she likes her stroller (and so does my back) and why should I feel bad for walking my daughter around? I’ve decided to stop that and I’m working hard on not apologizing constantly for our existence (in the stroller). I don’t want to give her bad habits.

So yes, it’s been a very busy and exciting couple of weeks for us and I hate to condense it down here so, but if I don’t, I’ll never be able to keep up with things. Hopefully now as she is more able to entertain herself, I’ll be able to sneak in more timely posts for you all. In the meantime, I’ll sum up the last few weeks for you in a few words… Mom-hood, I love it!


One Response to “Oh Where, Oh Where…”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ooh – can’t wait to read the post about the ikea hack! Nothing I love more than a good project to keep me busy…

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