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Monkey See April 1, 2010

Filed under: Little Bot,Provisions — anditron @ 4:06 am

Lorelei's smileI spend the majority of my days trying to create ways to make our little Bot smile. The more of these I find, the more ammo I have to battle her pee wails when they hit critical mass. So far I’ve got a mix of songs, stuffed animals, strange noises and dancing movements in my arsenal. Any combination of these can bring about that gorgeous crooked smile that I’ve already fallen in love with and each new one we discover together makes my heart leap for joy a little more.

Here are a few of my favorites…
Winnie the Pooh Mobile- I believe I’ve mentioned the Winnie the Pooh mobile before. I’m impressed that it still is our go to soother when nothing else has worked to stop her crying. And now that she’s smiling, if I lay her in the crib, the moment she hears the mobile start to wind up a smile big as can be breaks out and lasts until Tigger has bounced his last bounce.

The Lorelei Dance – We’re dancing, dancing, doing the Lorelei dance/ We’re dancing, dancing, doing the Lorelei dance/ First you shake your booty to the left then you shake your booty to the right/ We’re dancing dancing, doing the Lorelei dance!
It’s simple, it’s lame, it started as a reward-type thing after changing her diaper. It’s also ridiculously cute to watch her little diaper padded but wiggle when Bob909 makes her do the dance.

Boris the Polar Bear – Boris is great during gym mat time. He talks with a sort of Beetlejuice-ish voice and sometimes does what we call the Lorelei dance (shake your booty to the left).

The Bats – Noiry and Blanche the bat twins. One always accompanies our girl on her excursions around town. They come in handy by tickling her belly then planting a kiss on her nose. One of these twins was the first stuffed friend to illicit a smile from our girl.

Spit Bubbles! – Who knew reverting back to something I used to do even in HS would come in so handy. Yes, she loves spit bubbles and impressively tries to make them back at me. (She succeeds mostly, but mine are still bigger.)

Woobble Woobble Woobble – Remember when you were a kid and you’d pretend you’re an Indian? You’d make and Aaah or and Oooh sound and then you’d cover and release it really fast repeatedly? There’s also it’s sibling sound where you wag your finger between your lips. Turns out that one brings WOW big eyes and a whole lot of chatter along with the smile. To my delight (and hers as well) I’ve started to get her to make a noise for me and I wag my finger for her (since she’s still too little to figure out how to do that). It doesn’t last for long, and it takes some work to get her to do it but she does and it just might make me smile more than the other way around.


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