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Who’s Got to Potty? I Do April 1, 2010

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Hard at WorkI’m realizing now that while I didn’t suffer some of the really hellish pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, I was fatigued. Everything tired me out especially the last three months when I was commuting 2 hours each way to a contract gig. I was exhausted and it’s no wonder I gained 55lbs! But pretty much the day after the Bot’s birth I was ready to get out and get moving. I was actually jealous of my husband and my dad that they got to leave the hospital room, because I was stuck there barely able to move. In fact, the day after we got home from the hospital, I made my dad take me to Target to pick up a couple baby things. And I’ve refused to slow down since.

Once I got used to the Bot’s routine I made a deal with myself. Until I get a job, I get out of the house for a minimum of an hour everyday and frankly push it to as much time out a day as possible. So I’m trying to make dates with pre-baby friends who might be able to take a slightly extended lunch if I come to them. But there are still plenty of days when it’s just the bot and me so I’m left wondering what do I do if I need to pee?

Yeah, that’s right. Mom’s out on their own with a little one in a stroller have to go to the bathroom once in a while so what do they do? Prior to having a baby, my biggest concern at a coffee shop has been is it safe to leave my computer on the table when I go to the loo. I’d always agonize over that as a laptop is such a quick simple thing to slip in a bag or walk off with. But now I wonder is a baby in a stroller with the brake locked at a mid-sized coffee shop safe while I hop into the bathroom for a minute and surprisingly I could care less about the laptop sitting on the table right next to her.

This aligns with the Free Range rearing that I plan to do with our girl. I want her to be able to run around and have her own adventures and not be terrified that the evil boogieman is going to come and steal her away from me. So what do I do when I’m at the coffee shop alone with the bot? I leave her in her stroller with the brake on and I go to the bathroom.

Yes, I abandon my 2.5 month old child for 1-2 minutes in a public space. I don’t ask anyone to keep an eye on her. I don’t low-jack her. And when I’m at a park or a store and I take the stroller in to the bathroom with me, I don’t freak out if there isn’t a stall large enough for the stroller – I leave her in the stroller, brake locked, right outside my stall door.

Maybe this is shocking to other mothers, I have no idea, afterall, I have never been around a new mom more than a max of 24 hours (and that seems like an over-guestimate). But I refuse to be afraid all the time and I refuse to make her afraid to be away from me. So what do you do? Do you have other solutions? Other possibilities? And what if you’re slinging it – what then? I’d love to hear how you manage those things you never had to think about until you had a baby.


One Response to “Who’s Got to Potty? I Do”

  1. Lainey Says:

    I didn’t often have this problem because I mostly carried my babies (I did have a stroller, but it usually carried my stuff), but I’ve left both of my children, as babies and toddlers, in the stroller while I’ve got to the bathroom. The sling issue is not that big of a deal, although the rezipping of pants can be a little tricky! I’ve also put a (not entirely mobile) squirmy young un on the bathroom floor. No one has died yet.

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