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Adorable monkeys make me smile May 6, 2010

Filed under: Provisions — anditron @ 12:00 pm

I’m planning on sharing some of my favorite finds with you on occasion starting with this one!

Skelanimals Marcy the Monkey Backpack!

We went to C2E2 here in Chicago a few weekends ago and I found this ridiculously cute monkey while there. I know she’s too young for it at the moment and I swore I wouldn’t buy stuff in advance of when she can use them (aside for some outfits one size up since she grows like an amazon woman), but this is different. This is the most awesome backpack EVAR! I totally regretted not getting it that day. Luckily I found it on Amazon! Now that I’m starting my new job, this shall be mine!

So if you’re looking for a super cute monkey backpack for your little marsupial then head over to and make your monkey giggle with glee.


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