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Boozy Boobs May 11, 2010

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Milkscreen test kit

You probably remember my post on drinking and pregnancy. I haven’t had a desire to drink like I did before being pregnant but I do have one here and there.

Generally it’s a single cider or wine or such, but I’d like to be able to have something a bit more hard. But anyone who knows me knows my drink of choice was a vodka redbull or absinthe. But with breastfeeding I have held off because I wanted to be sure my milk’s alcohol content wasn’t too high for the Bot. Enter the Milkscreen alcohol test kit. After you’ve had a drink or two, even three you can use these handy strips to determine when you’ve metabolized the alcohol so you can breastfeed. No more pump and dump cause you don’t know when it’s safe to feed.

I’ve tested them out a couple times and have been impressed with the results. They’re simple, easy to use and, I believe, pretty accurate.

Now where’s that green fairy?


One Response to “Boozy Boobs”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I remember buying these when I was pregnant, and in one of the many living room rearrangements, totally lost them! It’s now 2 years later, and I /still/ don’t know where they went.

    Good to hear they work. ;D

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