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Here, there be pirates! May 24, 2010

Filed under: Space Detritus — anditron @ 10:00 am

Skurvy Bed Set

Skurvy Bedding Collection
I’ve been day-dreaming in my down-time of finding more punk-rock things for the awesomebot. In doing so, I’ve managed to stumble on these super cool finds. Is it bad that I am already looking at bedding sets for when our little girl is in her first bed? I mean, how can I resist? A black and white striped comforter, skurvy diamond patterned sheets, blanket, a Skurvy-shaped decorative pillow and stripey shams. It’s piratey goodness that my rennfaire geek tendencies can’t resist. Now, do I buy for a Twin or Full size bed since we have no idea what kind she’ll get when she’s 3-ish?

Skurvy Car Booster Seat

Clek Oobr Booster Car Seat
Or how about this kickass Paul Frank Skurvy car booster seat? Ignore the fact that Julius shows up when you make with the clicky, that’s the default, the other “color” of the booster seat is Skurvy. We don’t own a car and I want this thing! :O Ahhh, the stripey piratey lust.


One Response to “Here, there be pirates!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I don’t think it’s bad… I’m already looking into preschools. LOL!

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