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Sleeper Update July 19, 2010

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still co-sleeping

I'm still co-sleeping, yeah, yeah, yeah!

I’ve had a few write-ins asking how things were going with the co-sleeper. They especially wondered what we would do once the Bot started rolling over.

Well, first I’ll let you know the bot is rolling… rolling like crazy now, in fact. Every time we put her to bed, she rolls to her side and inevitably rolls to her belly and wakes if we try to put her back on her back. This was terrifying at first. See she was sleeping lengthwise like we do. And it wasn’t a problem until she did start to roll. But that first night she rolled and ended up face down where the two mattresses meet. Fortunately, I wake up every time she moves (and at random intervals in the night to make sure she’s still breathing). So I noticed it as soon as it happened, but it scared me none-the-less.

We talked about putting her in the crib in her room. We can put her to sleep anywhere and she’ll sleep. It’s not a question of is she ready, it’s a question of are we; I can tell you, we made it about 30 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore. We had a monitor but every movement startled me and made me listen in with supersonic (not the salt-n-peppa kind) of hearing. I couldn’t take it. If we left her in the crib, I’d never get any sleep. In fairness, our apartment doesn’t let sound travel well and our bedrooms are split by the bathrooms and closets and the doors are on the same side of the hall, so it’s not like sound has to simply travel across the hall like many homes.

Anyway, we needed a solution and going back to her sleeping in our bed (now with only 2 cats). Bringing the crib into our room is always a possibility, but I didn’t really want to tear up our house in our solution. And then it dawned on me. Perpendicular! A simple 90 degree twist solves the problem at least for a little bit longer so since she started rolling around a couple weeks ago, we’ve been sleeping with her feet towards me.

So far it seems to be working pretty well. We expect at the least it’ll last us a few more months and then if we need to move her to our bed we can coax the kitties into the co-sleeper.

We’ll let you know if we can manage to do that. 😀


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