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Have bot will travel July 22, 2010

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A dad, a bot and 33 miles of Chicago's skyline. This is how we roll.

You all knew we would not be kept off our bikes for long. As soon at the Bot was born, I was missing my bike (remember how I rode even at 37 weeks) so I urged Bob909 to get looking for our bot’s transport. Okay, I didn’t have to nag, he probably had the windows open before I ever even suggested it.

Much like the BOB Revolution Stroller we got, Bob909 did a pretty thorough search on what kind of bike trailer to buy. And most of what we found said it could only be used with a 1 year old. I quickly saw my ability to bike for the next year dropping out of my horizons like Andy Schleck watched Alberto Contador leave him behind after his chain dropped off his bike during the Tour de France.

But then, he researched the Chariot Cougar Stroller. Oh dear God(dess) I love this system. Aesthetically how could I not geek-gasm over the fact that it looks like the cockpit of a starship? (ok, the upgraded one looks just like the cockpit of the X-Wing Starfight, but this one alludes to it and that’s good enough for me. But functionally the makers thought of everything.

To turn it into a bike trailer you need to get the Chariot tow arm and hitch kit. (You can also pick up additional hitches to set up multiple bikes.) And on its own it is only recommended for use with children over a year. But with the racing worthy 5 point harness Chariot baby supporter kit, your 6 month old can go where ever you pedal! It’s also got a ridiculous amount of trunk space, I mean enough to take a blanket, bike locks, diaper bag even your picinic basket along with you! Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t forget to include the Bot’s toys in there, no, there are pockets up front for those fun things the wee one wants close at hand too.

If you get the Chariot universal strolling kit then once you get where you’re going you can turn it into a stroller with the simple press of 1 button per front wheel. What’s brilliantly thought up is how those wheels are stored on the Chariot while you ride, in the exact same place as they are used, just on top instead of below… so they take up absolutely zero of your trunk space. (These people are SMRT smart and I’m not kidding.) Can you believe if you love hiking they have a hiking kit and (you better put your coffee down for this one) if you live in snowy climates you can even get a cross country ski kit. Skiing while pulling your baby – it’s a 6 months of snow person’s dream trailer!

Rollin' with my hommies

Yes, the fact that all these things are add-ons to the stroller is annoying, but they’re easy-to-attach accessories, that are really well thought out by a company based in Canada that pays fair wages and has incredible company ethics. Honestly, everyone’s always talking about scrimp and save and all that. Well, I believe in paying for a good product, especially when I can see all the thought that went into the design and development. If people were willing to pay what something was worth more often, then there’d be fewer Walmarts and more employed craftsmen – but that’s a bit of a tangent.

Now, I probably shouldn’t admit it here but we didn’t see the age thing when we initially bought it and started to use it. However, we were smart enough to know that we needed to wait until the Bot could fully support her head and sit with minimum assistance. And we certainly didn’t need to worry about her not being big enough, she was 18 lbs at 4 months anyway so, yes, we have been riding with her since then.

She absolutely loves it. We did Bike the Drive this year, an event where they shut down Lake Shore Drive for 5 hours Memorial Day weekend and open it to bikes of all types. It’s fantabulous and full of nothing but joy for us. The bot slept part of the way, but she was awake a lot of it too and would rest her hands on the support sides looking all chilled out and relaxed and happy as could be. We try to use it at least once a week if not more and if it weren’t for us starting a Nanny Share in August, we would have taken Nanny M out with us one day and fitted up her bike with the piece that the trailer attaches to so she could take her on rides during the day.

Now that’s saying something.


4 Responses to “Have bot will travel”

  1. larva225 Says:

    That’s too cool. My husband is already dreaming about how we can put our kid (due October) in a kayak. I think that may be a bit more complicated.

    • anditron Says:

      Kayaking might be tough, but swimming early is great. We started taking the Bot into the pool at 4 months and started swim class just a few weeks after that. getting them comfortable in the water asap is super important in my book. Here’s hoping for a peaceful birth and let me know if you come up with any kayaking ideas.

  2. Nico Says:

    Thanks for your response to my comment. That made my day. I saw this and thought of you.
    Happy family biking! Cheers!

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