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The daily do’s July 26, 2010

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Happy day and night.

We’re now at 6 months into our little experiment… is it bad to call the Bot an experiment? Things are going well, I’m happy to report. In this short amount of time we’ve managed to start a few daily routines and I thought I’d share couple.

We have a daily journal. I didn’t want just some generic log of her eating and diaper changes. So I found some really nice journals, you know, leather, hardbound decorative ones that I find beautiful. And every day Nanny M writes about their time together. One side of the page for what they did that day, the other side is for things like diapers, food and naps. As much as I might like to think I’d do this, the reality is, I wouldn’t. In fact, I didn’t and now when I can steal a minute or two, I love to go back and read about some of her earlier days. This was easily the best suggestion I received when deciding to go with a nanny.

I started the Baby Pic of the Day back when Bob909 went back to work after the Bot was born. His job was stressful even before she was born and that first day I had a lot of fear of being alone with her. I also felt bad he had such little time with her while I would get to be home with her all the time (until I found a job at least). So I sent him a pic sometime during his workday as a little pick-me-up. He passed it on to a few select people at work and I sent it on to some family and friends. And before we knew it, it was part of the day. Luckily, when I went back to work, Nanny M picked up where I left off. She has a phone with a decent camera and she was happy to send it every day. I love that in a few years we’re going to have this awesome daily shot of our little Bot.

We also make it a point to always go on a walk. Unless the rain is so bad (that’ll be snow when she’s a year old). No matter what, we get out even if it’s just to make a run to the grocery store. It’s a small thing, but it’s our thing and we love it especially the long ones to the park or by the lake.


6 Responses to “The daily do’s”

  1. larva225 Says:

    Great suggestions! I’m currently trying to decide if I have the dedication to keep a baby book or not. Thoughts?

    • anditron Says:

      I think if you can do it, do it, but it’s definitely hard. I find that an online journal of some sort is the easiest way to go about it. I have one (other than this) and I don’t have a lot of time to post on it like I used to which stinks because there’s about 10 years of my life on there. I was tweeting things left and right, just little comments about what was going on and what she was doing, and that was great. But, that I know of, Twitter doesn’t have the ability to actually look back beyond clicking to see earlier comments. Since there’s nothing that gives you a calendar date and such it’s an awful vehicle for memories. But 140 characters is so easy and quick to do. So I found a program that ports my tweets over to my journal at the end of the day all as one post. Between that, this, and Flickr, I think I’m keeping a pretty good record of everything.

      I do think that baby books, as lofty an expectation we parents have to fill it out, those are hard to do. I just don’t find the time to sit and think about the different things and fill them out. Especially since my handwriting is atrocious and what I want to say can never fit in the lines. Most baby books you really need to write what you want to say elsewhere at first then copy it down in pretty handwriting… if you are as anal as I am, at least. 😀

  2. mschaos Says:

    oh wow, I totally see the resemblance to you!

    you have such a gorgeous child (not surprising really)

    • anditron Says:

      Yeah, what’s really cute is to see Bob909’s exact expressions coming from a miniature of my face. It cracks me up when she gives me the “I’m not going to do that no matter HOW many times you ask” look that he has. Daily amusement.

  3. miss_pinny Says:

    Hello there. I found your blog through offbeatmomma.

    This post gives me a little hope. I am on baby 2, but my first was 10 years ago, when I was able to be a SAHM. It is not possible now! We are 6 months pregnant, and my man and I are discussing childcare. Now I can show him your blog and ideas and let him know that it is possible to be good parents and still work.

    • anditron Says:

      Welcome Miss Pinny, It is completely possible though it can be hard. We’re still finding the balance in a lot of areas in our lives. Watch for more posts on being a working mom, I’ve got a couple in the idea pipeline already. Check out my earlier posts about our Nanny M and how we found her/what we were looking for. It’s not to say you will be looking for the same things but hopefully it’ll help you look at what’s important to you and help you know what you want your daycare to do for your child.

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