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Then again… maybe not. July 28, 2010

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Our bot is an escape artist.

Last week, I was so thrilled to report the bot was still co-sleeping and then just 3 days later we realize we’re going to have to phase out the co-sleeper. You’ll never believe what the Bot did.

I had left for work. Bob909 was in the living room getting his things together and the Bot was, we thought, sleeping soundly in the co-sleeper. Bob909 heard a little thump that sounded like a kitty hopping down from a dresser and he thought nothing of it. Then he heard a little coo, so he got up to check on the Bot thinking she’d just woke up. He walked into the bedroom, looked at the sleeper and… no Bot. The bed… no Bot! He raced around the bed to the side the co-sleeper is on and… There’s our little girl, sitting on the floor happy as a lark grinning and doing her little evil maniacal hands.

This is how we discovered that her ability to scoot backwards was perfected. She had scooted her way backwards out of the sleeper onto our bed, around the side of the sleeper and dropped herself down onto the floor! She does have a tendency to scoot at an angle so I suppose it stands to reason.

It’s a good thing our bed is only 19″ off the ground and the Bot can stand and hold her weight already or that could have been bad. As it was she came away with just a light scrape on her cheek which has already disappeared.


2 Responses to “Then again… maybe not.”

  1. Lys Fulda Says:

    Shortly after my littlest sister was born, there was an afternoon when the 2nd littlest who regarded the new baby as a toy was caretaking ( age 6) as the new addition was lying on a platform bed. 2nd comes screaming out of the bedroom “I KILLED THE BABY!”. 2nd is screaming crying. We all come running in. And that’s when we learned the new arrival and figured out how to roll over and rolled right on to the nicely carpeted floor less then a foot below.
    Baby: Bad Ass Baby Yakuza

    • anditron Says:

      Hilarious! I can only imagine the terror for all in that split second (mom reflexes are like WHOA!) and the subsequent relief laughter once you saw what happened. Ahh, those crazy tiny yakuza(s?)

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