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Teething times 4, yes, 4 August 2, 2010

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Guess what I'm hiding under my hat.

At the Bot’s 4 month check up… you know, back in May… the doctor told us that people would tell us she was teething, but not to listen to them, she wasn’t. Okay, we thought, this drool is normal and we’ve nothing to worry about.

Until the next day when I looked in her mouth and saw the pink of her gums being pulled tight as a tooth tried with all its might to saw its way through. Just to make sure, I ran a finger over and sure enough, before the Bot even had a chance to bite me, the sharp serrated thing stung and I thought, oh sh*t.

Now luckily our doctor told us what to do when it did start (they tend to tell us things that will happen even after the next appointment) and it’s a good job she did! That first tooth (her bottom right) was misery. Even with her little advice we had no idea what to expect. I told Bob909 about it and he picked up some teething tablets (highly recommended) and some orajel (not recommended) to go along with the acetaminophen and chiller toys we already had.

Oy vey, was that tooth hard to figure out at first. We were slow getting the teething tablets to her to abort the pain at the start. And we were full of uncertainty – How many tablets to give her this time? Did we get the signs in time to use fewer? Meep, it wasn’t enough… acetaminophen it is. Crap it’s been 30 minutes since that and she still hasn’t stopped crying… do we dare the orajel… just a little bit?

Now before you say anything, you have to understand our girl. She doesn’t cry *knock on wood*, unless there’s a really good reason. And then she’s always been quick to calm down once we’ve spotted the problem. So the fact that she didn’t stop crying after the tablets and the tylenol, we had to do something to give her some relief. We didn’t want to use orajel, but sometimes, you just have to. And she felt better. The Bot will sleep through the night when she’s not teething, but when she is… well, you know what it’s like when your baby won’t sleep. It took a few days before we got into a routine with how to handle it for her. But once we did, once we figured out the hints, it got quite a bit easier.

On a walk we ran into a mom who gave us this fabulous suggestion. If you breastfeed (which I do) and you take some of your pumped breast milk, measure out a few .5oz servings into an ice cube tray. Freeze them then put them into a ziplock baggy. Pick up some Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders (they come in 2 packs). When your baby starts teething, put a .5oz milk cube into the feeder and give it to her to suck on. Baby gets a yummy treat and her teeth feel better too. Win Win!

I’m not saying it’s easy by any means. It’s teething! But it can get manageable. By tooth number 2 (her bottom left), I honestly thought we had a good handle on it. In fact, I’d dare say that tooth number 2 went pretty smoothly. And then… yesterday I was flipping her upside down the way she loves and she smiled and I could see very clearly, not one, but two teeth working their way out.

Maybe you didn’t see that right. I said TWO teeth, at once, working their way out through her gums. Well that explains why the night before she was impossible to get to bed and she woke up twice in the night crying. I’m hoping this won’t be too bad for her. The best we can do is try to make her feel better as she goes through this so we’ve got her milkcubes, chiller teething toys, teething tablets (which knocked her out tonight btw), and the generic Tylenol as backup, and as an absolute last resort, we’ve got the orajel because after too much crying, baby needs some relief (and so do my ears).


6 Responses to “Teething times 4, yes, 4”

  1. Gem Says:

    My lad was born with 2 little tooth buds (which fell out around 3 weeks old – unusual but normal) then got his first 2 teeth at 4 months, just like your little lass.
    My friends thought it was really freaky!
    Don’t worry too much about bitten boobs. He tried it once and didn’t like my reaction (a piercing yelp) so didn’t do it again. I managed to keep breast feeding until he was 18months, but if he’d been more of a biter I don’t think I would have managed so long!
    Hang in there, teething is harsh but they seem to kinda get the hang of it after a while.

    • anditron Says:

      Thanks for letting me know it’s not abnormal. I’m starting to really love her seeing her smile with teeth. She’s gotten better about it, usually. But who knows what’ll happen once these next 2 come in. 😀 I plan to keep it up as long as possible. It’s really the daily pumping thing that’s starting to get to me. It just ads so much to the daily rat race and for little result too. Her Dr. said it was perfectly normal to drop down to just feeding her when I’m around and let formula do the rest, though.

  2. Lisa Says:

    For teething relief, try a frozen waffle!

  3. my son had teeth at such a young age 😦 he wasn’t even really able to find his mouth to chew on his hands yet

    but we were lucky he was a trooper! he didn’t cry much about it until a few weeks ago when his molars started to come in

    i think i’m going to try the ice cube idea with him, it may help A LOT (since he doesn’t chew on teething rings)

    oh and another thing that worked for us once our monster starting eating solids was freezing stage 1 apple sauce and us having it for him to eat

    • anditron Says:

      The applesauce is a wonderful idea. I’m going to have to give that a try. My biggest problem is remembering that it’s in the teething arsenal. That’s when I remember she’s teething at all (which she is now… again).

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