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I need to sign up when? March 9, 2011

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What's all this white stuff then?

I’m not looking for different childcare – Nanny M is magnificent, but NPN posted about childcare centers today and I read the blog. Can I just ask, seriously why in the hell would a childcare center have a 1 year wait list to get an infant into care? You would literally (and yes, I do mean literally) have to sign up with one of these places as soon as you found out you were pregnant.

This is the problem with so many of these centers and Chicago’s apply-to-different-magnet/charter-schools schtick. People don’t even want to go to 3/4 of the places they sign up with, they sign up to them all so their bases are covered and choose one when the time comes. It just perpetuates the insanity.

I remember looking for daycare when I first got a job after having the Bot — I was unemployed the first 5 months of her life — and being terrified I wouldn’t be able to find any in the 2 weeks I needed. Lucky for me I discovered the best childcare… evar.

A year later and I hate that I feel like we need to be deciding now what schools we want the Bot to attend in 4 years. It’s insanity. Neighborhoods change, schools change and can you honestly tell me there are parents out there who don’t want the educational best for their child? Of course parents want a good education, they want to give a solid foundation for their kids to be successful on. But frankly, I want her to go to a neighborhood school that she can walk or bike to. I feel like Chicago’s neighborhoods are falling apart because we’re shipping (and driving) kids all over the city. I get it if the child is such a prodigy that regular classes will leave him bored and negatively impact his talents. I even get it for high school once kids start to focus on their futures and want their education to be targeted. But EVERY parent thinks their kid is super omg special. Yes, they are to the parent, but odds are they’re average students that would do just as well in a neighborhood school if not even excel a bit more because they have a shorter commute and support from and connection to their community. At a neighborhood school they can meet up with friends after school to study and play as opposed to being locked in doors alone to study or watch tv and play video games for fear of mysterious boogie men that 9/10 times don’t exist.

Well, there you go the first meaty post from the pregonaut this year. I’ve been insanely busy working 60+ hour weeks and trying to find time to help the husband change diapers and scoop cat poop. Believe me, I have about 5 posts in queue that are going to spark some conversation, including ones that question the Feminist movement and what has really happened to the modern family as a result of it. Oh yes, gone are the days of new-mom fear, confusion and self-doubt, here are the days of I know WTF I’m doing and I’ve got something to say about it.

You better get ready to blast off.


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