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My fellow cosmonauts August 18, 2010

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The pool posse.

Watch for future posts on parenting and friendships… they can be tricky with or without kids.

It’s funny that Offbeat Mama just did a post about finding fellow parents that are on your wave length. I have been experiencing a lot of changes in my world, aside from simply a baby being a significant part of it, and many of those surround friendships.

At 6 months in I have definitely felt frustrated by a lack of parent friends. We know quite a few people who have had kids recently but they live around the world and their ability to muck about online is the same as ours. There’s just not that much time (as evidenced in my continuously spotty postings) to really try to nurture an online relationship especially when those friends do have plenty of other people on their end with kids to build a little space station without us. (more…)


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