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Magic Trixie & Scary Godmother November 1, 2011

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Part two of Halloween 2011


Halloween 2011

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Magic Trixie by andibob909
Magic Trixie, a photo by andibob909 on Flickr.

Halloween 2011, the bot and I went as Magic Trixie and the Scary Godmother. The outfits were perfect and a great way to introduce the Bot to comics.


That’s kind of a big oops. September 15, 2010

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Watch out kitty, she's on the move.

I bet you’ve all been wondering what is going on out there that’s keeping the Pregonaut from checking in. Well, it’s been a couple of intense weeks that involve someone being fully mobile and more trips to the ER than any family should have (resulting in a certain sound playing on non-stop repeat in my head)… (more…)


Then again… maybe not. July 28, 2010

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Our bot is an escape artist.

Last week, I was so thrilled to report the bot was still co-sleeping and then just 3 days later we realize we’re going to have to phase out the co-sleeper. You’ll never believe what the Bot did.

I had left for work. Bob909 was in the living room getting his things together and the Bot was, we thought, sleeping soundly in the co-sleeper. Bob909 heard a little thump that sounded like a kitty hopping down from a dresser and he thought nothing of it. Then he heard a little coo, so he got up to check on the Bot thinking she’d just woke up. He walked into the bedroom, looked at the sleeper and… no Bot. The bed… no Bot! He raced around the bed to the side the co-sleeper is on and… There’s our little girl, sitting on the floor happy as a lark grinning and doing her little evil maniacal hands.

This is how we discovered that her ability to scoot backwards was perfected. She had scooted her way backwards out of the sleeper onto our bed, around the side of the sleeper and dropped herself down onto the floor! She does have a tendency to scoot at an angle so I suppose it stands to reason.

It’s a good thing our bed is only 19″ off the ground and the Bot can stand and hold her weight already or that could have been bad. As it was she came away with just a light scrape on her cheek which has already disappeared.


Teaching new bots old tricks May 6, 2010

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So our little bot was thrilled when I did this for her the first time. Since then I’ve been teaching her how to do it too. After 2 weeks, she’s mastered it and I actually managed to get it on video… finally.


Monkey See April 1, 2010

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Lorelei's smileI spend the majority of my days trying to create ways to make our little Bot smile. The more of these I find, the more ammo I have to battle her pee wails when they hit critical mass. So far I’ve got a mix of songs, stuffed animals, strange noises and dancing movements in my arsenal. Any combination of these can bring about that gorgeous crooked smile that I’ve already fallen in love with and each new one we discover together makes my heart leap for joy a little more.

Here are a few of my favorites… (more…)


Can You Hear Me March 12, 2010

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A Bot and Her Bat

It’s an exciting week for our little Bot. We’ve caught glimpses of it before but this week there was finally no question that she smiled and it wasn’t related to gas or poop. She’s started to make little noises and her hands are uncurling too.

I’d say she most often heard meows when she was in the womb, between three cats meowing and fighting have the time and Bob909 and I constantly having conversations in cat speak (meows). I probably shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that a couple of her cute gurgley noises sound like she’s a cat.

Obviously this is all thrilling.

The experiment from a couple days ago was best of all. She was lying on the couch and Bob909 and I were talking to her and playing with her and one of her Ugly Doll Bats. I’d make the bat tickle her belly then kiss her and every time her smile got bigger. Then she started fussing over her diaper and after changing her Bob909 went to bounce her and calm her down. I was sitting behind him, she craned her head around to see me and when I spoke to her she smiled and coo’d.

It’s so cool to see her change each day. They’re all such tiny advances and hard to catch when so close to them but then after a couple of days I see it and am in awe.


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