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Teething times 4, yes, 4 August 2, 2010

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Guess what I'm hiding under my hat.

At the Bot’s 4 month check up… you know, back in May… the doctor told us that people would tell us she was teething, but not to listen to them, she wasn’t. Okay, we thought, this drool is normal and we’ve nothing to worry about.

Until the next day when I looked in her mouth and saw the pink of her gums being pulled tight as a tooth tried with all its might to saw its way through. Just to make sure, I ran a finger over and sure enough, before the Bot even had a chance to bite me, the sharp serrated thing stung and I thought, oh sh*t.



Then again… maybe not. July 28, 2010

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Our bot is an escape artist.

Last week, I was so thrilled to report the bot was still co-sleeping and then just 3 days later we realize we’re going to have to phase out the co-sleeper. You’ll never believe what the Bot did.

I had left for work. Bob909 was in the living room getting his things together and the Bot was, we thought, sleeping soundly in the co-sleeper. Bob909 heard a little thump that sounded like a kitty hopping down from a dresser and he thought nothing of it. Then he heard a little coo, so he got up to check on the Bot thinking she’d just woke up. He walked into the bedroom, looked at the sleeper and… no Bot. The bed… no Bot! He raced around the bed to the side the co-sleeper is on and… There’s our little girl, sitting on the floor happy as a lark grinning and doing her little evil maniacal hands.

This is how we discovered that her ability to scoot backwards was perfected. She had scooted her way backwards out of the sleeper onto our bed, around the side of the sleeper and dropped herself down onto the floor! She does have a tendency to scoot at an angle so I suppose it stands to reason.

It’s a good thing our bed is only 19″ off the ground and the Bot can stand and hold her weight already or that could have been bad. As it was she came away with just a light scrape on her cheek which has already disappeared.


The daily do’s July 26, 2010

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Happy day and night.

We’re now at 6 months into our little experiment… is it bad to call the Bot an experiment? Things are going well, I’m happy to report. In this short amount of time we’ve managed to start a few daily routines and I thought I’d share couple.

We have a daily journal. I didn’t want just some generic log of her eating and diaper changes. So I found some really nice journals, you know, leather, hardbound decorative ones that I find beautiful. And every day Nanny M writes about their time together. One side of the page for what they did that day, the other side is for things like diapers, food and naps. As much as I might like to think I’d do this, the reality is, I wouldn’t. In fact, I didn’t and now when I can steal a minute or two, I love to go back and read about some of her earlier days. This was easily the best suggestion I received when deciding to go with a nanny.

I started the Baby Pic of the Day back when Bob909 went back to work after the Bot was born. His job was stressful even before she was born and that first day I had a lot of fear of being alone with her. I also felt bad he had such little time with her while I would get to be home with her all the time (until I found a job at least). So I sent him a pic sometime during his workday as a little pick-me-up. He passed it on to a few select people at work and I sent it on to some family and friends. And before we knew it, it was part of the day. Luckily, when I went back to work, Nanny M picked up where I left off. She has a phone with a decent camera and she was happy to send it every day. I love that in a few years we’re going to have this awesome daily shot of our little Bot.

We also make it a point to always go on a walk. Unless the rain is so bad (that’ll be snow when she’s a year old). No matter what, we get out even if it’s just to make a run to the grocery store. It’s a small thing, but it’s our thing and we love it especially the long ones to the park or by the lake.


Have bot will travel July 22, 2010

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A dad, a bot and 33 miles of Chicago's skyline. This is how we roll.

You all knew we would not be kept off our bikes for long. As soon at the Bot was born, I was missing my bike (remember how I rode even at 37 weeks) so I urged Bob909 to get looking for our bot’s transport. Okay, I didn’t have to nag, he probably had the windows open before I ever even suggested it.

Much like the BOB Revolution Stroller we got, Bob909 did a pretty thorough search on what kind of bike trailer to buy. And most of what we found said it could only be used with a 1 year old. I quickly saw my ability to bike for the next year dropping out of my horizons like Andy Schleck watched Alberto Contador leave him behind after his chain dropped off his bike during the Tour de France.


About Comments July 21, 2010

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You're going to do what?!

I’ve gone back and forth a few times as to how much I want to reply to comments on the Pregonaut. I want to respond, but feel guilty if I can’t reply to everyone so I have a tendency to not respond rather than leave people feeling left out or ignored. But I’m trying to build a community here and I feel that in order to do that, I need to try harder to respond to comments.

So I’m going to try to respond to everyone who comments on the Pregonaut posts, but if I don’t, please don’t think I didn’t care about what you said! I do, and I love that you’re on here sharing this out of this world adventure with me.

(Psst, can you tell I’m trying to write more too? Cause I am.)


Sleeper Update July 19, 2010

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still co-sleeping

I'm still co-sleeping, yeah, yeah, yeah!

I’ve had a few write-ins asking how things were going with the co-sleeper. They especially wondered what we would do once the Bot started rolling over.

Well, first I’ll let you know the bot is rolling… rolling like crazy now, in fact. Every time we put her to bed, she rolls to her side and inevitably rolls to her belly and wakes if we try to put her back on her back. This was terrifying at first. See she was sleeping lengthwise like we do. And it wasn’t a problem until she did start to roll. But that first night she rolled and ended up face down where the two mattresses meet. Fortunately, I wake up every time she moves (and at random intervals in the night to make sure she’s still breathing). So I noticed it as soon as it happened, but it scared me none-the-less. (more…)


A chat about bewbs July 15, 2010

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Is she done yet?

I’m pretty surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed breastfeeding my daughter. It’s not to say I didn’t expect to like it but before birth I thought of it as something very clinical. I thought of it as business; my job and responsibility to do for her to be a healthy baby. I also thought I’d be done either once she got teeth or at 1 year. And then I did it, and that slowly changed.

At first it was work and stress, trying to make sure she latched on right. Worrying if she was getting enough and oh god, how can she breathe! It’s funny to think of now, how hard I found it back at the beginning. Mainly because she was so lightweight then! Oh, she was so easy to move about into whatever position I needed her to be back then when she was a mere 10, 12 even 15 lbs. (more…)


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