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Have bot will travel July 22, 2010

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A dad, a bot and 33 miles of Chicago's skyline. This is how we roll.

You all knew we would not be kept off our bikes for long. As soon at the Bot was born, I was missing my bike (remember how I rode even at 37 weeks) so I urged Bob909 to get looking for our bot’s transport. Okay, I didn’t have to nag, he probably had the windows open before I ever even suggested it.

Much like the BOB Revolution Stroller we got, Bob909 did a pretty thorough search on what kind of bike trailer to buy. And most of what we found said it could only be used with a 1 year old. I quickly saw my ability to bike for the next year dropping out of my horizons like Andy Schleck watched Alberto Contador leave him behind after his chain dropped off his bike during the Tour de France.


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