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Can you avoid the baby blues? July 8, 2011

Dainty Hands!

We’re at about 18 months since a certain someone joined our lives. And like all new parents we have our up and down moments, luckily for us, most of them are up (I think at least.) But the reality of parenthood is, it’s hard sometimes. Hormones happen, life happens. So what can a person do to help fight that off?

Let me start by saying, well before I ever got pregnant, I could go from happy go-lucky to depressed in less than a few seconds. I’ve had my struggles with depression and it can be a scary, tough, dark thing. Knowing that my mother struggled with it, I was very scared of post-partum depression. I had chosen to have a child because of the joy I thought it could bring; I didn’t want that joy sullied by depression. I didn’t want to see myself with my child wishing I wasn’t or wishing I was somewhere else, or just not caring one way or another. From the very moment I found out I was pregnant, the fear of depression lurked just over my shoulder in the peripherals of my mind.


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